Monday, 3 April 2017


The Tide
'Put The Cuffs On Me'

In just over a year The Tide have gone from “just normal kids” to one of the hottest new pop acts on the planet. Now they burst back this Spring with their brand new single 'Put The Cuffs On Me’.

A sure-fire hit and club tinged banger, 'Put The Cuffs On Me' is a song inspired by films like Deadpool and Suicide Squad, that delves into the psychology of madness. 

“You see these villains that are in these shows and you wonder what got them there,” explains Austin from the band. “What makes them that way? Obviously it's a girl. If you see a man go that crazy then he must have lost something big.  We were writing about how when you're angry and hurt like that you just stop caring  You start doing all this destructive stuff but in reality it's not helping you get over it – you're still in this prison.” 

Hailing from Los Angeles, The Tide are four young rapscallions who make the sort of guitar-lead power pop that rattles bones and changes lives. Formed in early 2015, Austin Corini (vocals), Levi Jones (bass and vocals), Drew Dirksen (guitar and vocals) and Nate Parker (drums) have already toured arenas across Europe with label bosses The Vamps (their first ever gig was at the Glasgow Hydro arena), had a UK iTunes No.1 EP, and are about to kick off their second headline tour of the UK. 

A product of a new generation, The Tide formed in a very modern way, via a mix of YouTube, auditions and good old-fashioned chemistry. Drew and Nate, who were in a band together in Ohio before The Tide, were spotted by the band's eventual manager on YouTube. The same manager also spotted Levi doing acoustic covers on the same website. With Austin already on people's radars via a stint on The X Factor USA the four were called together to meet in LA to see if they could work together as a band. 

Defiant, brash and bold, The Tide aren't your typical pop band. Heavily involved in the songwriting and creation of their music – which has so far been made with the likes of RedOne, Josh Wilkinson, Red Triangle and Mike Green – these are four guys who want to make the best music for their fans, then play the shit out of those songs at their gigs. Everything else is extra. 

“In five years' time we want to still be making music and doing what we love,” says Levi. “I'd like us to be humble and grounded still,” adds Nate. “I'd be proud if we could say we'd inspired a lot of people,” says Austin. The twinkle in their eyes suggest that moment's not too far away.

See them supporting The Vamps across the UK in April and May .

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