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A juttering, barbed statement-of-intent, ‘Wake Up’ sees walls of fuzzed guitars jostling for space with Kieran Shudall’s trademark melodies, re-introducing the world to a band ready to push their sound forward and claim their place at the top table of UK guitar bands.
Co-produced by Alan Moulder (The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Smashing Pumpkins), ‘ Different Creatures’ is the grittier, ‘night time’ counterpart to the breezy summer vibes of its Top 10 predecessor ‘Young Chasers’, exuding a newfound swagger. Shaped by Kieran’s perceptive songwriting ability to reflect the changes he sees in the world, ‘Different Creatures’ showcases a disenchantment with the world he sees, a louder and more vital band, nudging their sonic palette into a territory shared with rock heavyweights such as Arctic Monkeys and Queens Of The Stone Age.
Lead singer Kieran says of the new single " Wake Up is a big and bold way to start. It shows we're not messing around anymore".
Their debut album ‘Young Chasers’ spawned four Radio 1 A-list singles and saw the band’s popularity and profile rise over a meteoric six months, culminating in a sold out Brixton Academy show. The audience’s fevered reaction to ‘Young Chasers’ thirteen direct, propulsive, indie anthems crystallised the band’s self-belief, and emboldened Kieran to delve into the weightier subjects explored in ‘Different Creatures’. “W hen I saw the way that people connected with it,” Kieran continues, “I really started to believe in myself, I’m a different person now -I feel like I’ve got a fire in my belly with this record”
“Different Creatures” is not the sound of a band giving people more of what they know that people want from them. It is the sound of a band who are going with their hearts, reflecting the changes they’re seeing unfold around them, and moving forward. A risky move, but as fans will soon discover for themselves, it’s a risk that has paid off creatively in droves.

Different Creatures” Tracklisting:
1 - Wake Up
2 - Fire That Burns
3 - Goodbye
4 - Out On My Own
5 - Different Creatures
6 - Crying Shame
7 - Love’s Run Out
8 - Stuck
9 - A Night On The Broken Tiles 10 - Without You
11 - Old Friends

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